In recent years it has become evident that the misbalance between open tech positions and available qualified software developers in the USA is not a myth but an uncomfortable reality: According to research conducted with 760 employers across the United States and Canada, 83 percent of all companies reported a shortage of software development professionals, due mostly to the lack of qualified local talent. The numbers for 2020 are even more alarming: IDC research suggests that in 2020, 6 million IT jobs will be available in the US but only 3 million qualified candidates. But how to solve this issue?

Overcoming lengthy recruitment processes by looking past borders

Whereas companies are trying to attract and retain talent by offering internships and training, and by building professional networks, finding a qualified software engineer, web developer or data scientist can still take up to several months. Lengthy recruitment processes can incur significant costs for companies impacting their innovation potential and growth prospects. However, struggling to find programming experts is not an insurmountable problem when companies are looking beyond their local and regional borders.

Matching traveling tech experts and companies recruiting internationally

As a matter of fact, international work experience is highly appealing to more than 50 percent of all young graduates worldwide. This open and versatile spirit reflects the mentality of programmers who need to be flexible, adaptable and constant learners as their tools, be it of tangible or intangible nature, are evolving at high speed. In order to match developers willing to go abroad and companies looking for tech talents, international tech recruitment platforms like YBorder have been developed to bring together who belongs together.

Good news for American companies: The US as a preferred destination for developers

American companies looking for developers can relax: The Land of the free is popular among programming experts. 6 out of 10 candidates on the tech expert recruitment platform YBorder have listed the USA as their top destination for a professional opportunity abroad. The advantage for companies? YBorder does not only represent the entire spectrum of programming languages and technologies in the market, all profiles have been evaluated, made comparable internationally and commented on by tech experts based in the same region as the developers.

Go remote and start your visa application today

US companies willing to employ non-Americans need to apply for a H-1B visa for their future employee. It is important that a candidate’s position falls into the category of “specialty occupation” requiring candidates with bachelor degrees and/or sufficient work experience. Proving a developers technical qualifications when recruiting throughYBorder should not be rocket science though due to the pre-screening and pre-selection of all candidates signing up on the platform and the objective evaluations of all talents by tech experts. Applications for H-1B visas counting against the fiscal year starting in October are accepted from the first business day of April. Applications made more than 6 months before the requested start date are not accepted. But why not have your talent work for you remotely from today?

Are you interested in learning more about YBorder? Check out YBorder now, sign up today and hire your next talent tomorrow. Yes, it is that simple.

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