Are you a developer who has already been through these awkward interviews with recruiters who hardly knew anything about what you actually do making the interview look more like a private class for the recruiter? Do you know recruiters who barely understand the difference between front and back-end? And who don’t talk in acronyms? Daniele and Alessandro from Hivejobs developed a recruitment concept that tackles exactly this — but in a very usual way. And because of this we were happy to include them in the YBorder network.


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They came up with the idea for Hivejobs in 2011, one year before the official launch of the company. Daniele, an Italian software engineer by training, he had experienced difficulties with general recruiters to whom the recruitment of tech talents had been delegated at his previous company: They weren’t specialized enough to judge adequately the qualifications and experiences of the candidates. Daniele’s idea? Create a network of “scouts”, that is expert software engineers with a minimum of 15 years of professional experience, who deal with the sourcing and the interview process of potential candidates and who prepare a detailed analysis about the candidate afterwards. Within only 4 years, Hivejobs managed to reunite an impressive 1,500 scouts in its network based not only in Italy but all over Europe.

Italy might have a promising digital sector…

In 2015, by joining the YBorder network, Hivejobs moved on to another level enabling his candidates to find job opportunities outside Italy. As an expert in both recruitment and programming, Daniele knows that Italy isn’t short of interesting professional opportunities — especially after the return to growth of the Italian market in 2015. Italian founders certainly do not lack motivation: In particular since 2012, the Italian startup sector has seen a surge in the creation of innovative new structures. Prospects are great according to the business and financial news channel CNBC,

Italy’s economy may have contracted for the past three years but one sector is giving entrepreneurs and investors some confidence: technology start-ups. The growing success of Europe’s technology sector has often focused on the powerhouses of the U.K. and Germany but Italy is beginning to gain traction.

…but it is missing real international opportunities.

And yet, Daniele knows what especially young and ambitious Italian software engineers miss in their home market. Business structures “tend to be very…Italian,” he points out. A growing number of developers are excited about international opportunities in international teams or with companies abroad. Daniele knows that Italian software engineers have the competencies and skills, be it of technical or of linguistic nature, but also the drive, will and curiosity to successfully deal with projects in an international team abroad. “They want to be recognized for what they are: trustworthy, motivated, qualified”.

YBorder and Hivejobs: A cooperation for opportunities

“YBorder is a great tool with which we can offer the best career opportunities to the best candidates,” he tells us enthusiastically during our last follow up call also mentioning the lack of a quality European jobboard for technical jobs — until the launch of YBorder. Hivejobs has even assigned a dedicated scout to deal with YBorder: The university professor Daniele Vanzanelli. “You need to know that not only a hiring company has to be attractive to candidates: It actually starts with the recruitment agency itself as otherwise the talent won’t pass through you. Candidates tend to like our approach and expertise. And YBorder is another asset for Hivejobs.” At the end of our catch up call, he stresses Hivejobs’ motivation: “We are very motivated about this project. We are planning to assign more scouts to YBorder in the near future.”

Can you see the advantages that YBorder can offer you? Would you like to be interviewed by Daniele, create your profile on YBorder and go abroad in 2016? This is the moment! Learn more about YBorder or contact Hivejobs directly:

Twitter: @Hivejobs
LinkedIn: Hivejobs

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