A Latvian tech recruiter on international opportunities for local developers

Today Fran from YBorder interviewed Armands Krauss, the CEO of Enjoy Recruitment to learn more about Enjoy Recruitment, the Latvian digital economy and the developers we all care about.

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Latvia – a digital economy with expanding potential

Armand greets me warmly at the beginning of the conversation that will last for one hour on skype. I ask him to summarise the main points about the Latvian digital sector: “The digital sector offers promising career fields in Latvia. In addition to a strongly developing local startup scene, established Latvian and international players, as well as service centers and outsourcing companies are doing business in the country.” Armands knows what he is talking about: As the CEO of Enjoy Recruitment since 2010, a Latvian YBorder partner and specialist in tech recruitment, he has been observing the market carefully over the last years. After the interview, I will find out that today there are more than 5,000 companies active in the Latvian ICT sector, an impressive 90 percent specialise in ICT services. I will also learn that with regards to outsourcing companies and service centres, Latvia is ranked among the top-15 countries in the world. And growth will not halt there any time soon.

Appreciated by its neighbours and throughout Europe – the Latvian developer

Enjoy Recruitment, a family business founded in 2007 and today counting 11 consultants, has been anticipating the expanding need for skilled software engineers in the country making this profession its business priority already 5 years ago. But according to the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, demand for ICT specialists is growing not only within the country. The agency says that other countries, like Latvia’s Baltic and Scandinavian neighbours, and the Netherlands, also rate Latvian specialists’ competencies very highly importing a great share of Latvian ICT services. Armands, not with some pride in his voice, explains to me why from a personal perspective: “Latvians are naturally pragmatic and maybe a little reserved. But they are also and especially practical, hard-working and very reliable.”

Swapping local international opportunities for international opportunities abroad

Appreciated by foreign countries for their skills and work ethics, Armands who has gained experience supervising the implementation of IT solutions himself makes me understand that Latvian developers are just as open with regards to international opportunities: “There are international opportunities in the country that are popular among our developers, but those opportunities are, well, still in the country. For some developers, it is almost like a logical consequence once they feel limited in their professional development that they go abroad to express themselves and to grow professionally.” Besides the development of professional skills and the experiencing of new cultures, Armands emphasizes the positive impacts living in a different country can have on someone’s personality: “Living abroad makes you more open and aware of your own country’s characteristics. It really changes you in a positive way. I always encourage candidates to try new things if they consider them.”

Enjoy Recruitment and YBorder – overcoming professional limits

But who are the talents interested in advancing professionally more quickly and in becoming more open? Armands knows that spending time abroad during university is popular among Latvians and was also done by his team members. This statement is supported by the European Commission: In relative terms to all students from Latvia, Latvians are among the highest numbers of outgoing Erasmus students. Maybe unsurprisingly and also because they have already made positive experiences during an exchange, Armands notes that it is mostly younger developers attracted by the international life. “Joining the YBorder network felt like a natural addition for Enjoy Recruitment,” he states and finishing the conversation he adds that “it is a great service we can offer our candidates who feel blocked by the limits that exist within the country.”

Are you a Latvian developer and want to go abroad to overcome limits? Check out YBorder for more information or get in touch with Enjoy Recruitmentdirectly:

Web: www.enjoyrecruitment.lv
Twitter: @Personalatlase
Facebook: facebook.com/EnjoyRecruitment
LinkedIn: Enjoy Recruitment

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