There are about 1700km between the YBorder offices in Paris and its Portugese partner Tronik based in Lisbon and Porto at the Atlantic coast. Tronik was created by EDIT in 2012, a school for design and interactive technology based in Lisbon. Tronik currently consists of Daniel, its founder and Student Experience Director, Jordana, Tronik’s tech recruitment specialist, and Marisa, the Head of Marketing. Tronik joined YBorder in early summer 2015 and we at YBorder felt it was about time to find out about their experiences with the platform, the talents signing up on YBorder and the motivation of Portuguese candidates to go abroad. Here is what we learned:

Jordana, Tronik has a pretty unusual business concept: You are directly attached to a school. How does this affect your relationship with your candidates?

I can list two things: Firstly, as the small operation that we are we are able to create closer relationships with our candidates, allowing us to deliver more personalized support. Secondly, our student candidates can take advantage of our services in a much more personalized fashion. As a matter of fact, Tronik has an open door policy encouraging our candidates to get in touch directly for better career management. Generally, getting to know our candidates to better accompany them in their search for an optimal career is definitely one of Tronik’s pronounced goals.


Tronik is well-established in the Portuguese market with a great talent base and company network. Why expand your network abroad? Has there been an increased demand for jobs abroad?

YBorder is an exciting opportunity for our agency to broaden our horizons, to internationalise our activities and to gain visibility both among candidates and companies. Portuguese candidates are generally eager to join international companies and it is in our interest to assure they have the best possible options to choose from when it comes to career development and international career opportunities. For the most part it is candidates with some professional experience who are looking for international opportunities. This is often due to the fact that they search for new and exciting experiences at a time of their lives when they have the most to give.

“When they have the most to give”… What are they asking for in return then? Why are your candidates interested in going abroad?

Most of our candidates are driven by better opportunities not only for better incomes but to grow professionally: Learn from the best in an international environment, experience new challenges and, of course, strengthen their knowledge and technical skills. As a small country with great talents to show for, Portugal has experienced economic instability over the last few years that may have lead candidates to consider working abroad, not as an only option, but most of all, as an opportunity to grow and further careers.

Why should Portuguese candidates be hired?

Portugal’s tech talents are talented and highly reliable. They are hard-working with a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty. Education in our country means much more than only accumulating know-how and technical competencies. This makes for versatile candidates with excellent and diverse technical knowledge who at the same time also understand the importance of soft skills. The Portuguese have very little difficulties integrating in different cultures: They are very welcoming living in a country with a reputation for tourism and warmth towards other cultures.

What is the candidates’ reaction when they learn about YBorder?

Candidates are always excited about the chance to join and become a part of YBorder! They feel the platform is ground-breaking in tech recruitment, not only for the most obvious and important aspect which is the presentation of the candidate’s talents and strengths, but also for the design and the way the platform works that changes the interaction of the candidates with the recruiting companies.

What are your hopes and expectations for the network and you as a partner?

First and foremost, Tronik hopes to enhance and strengthen its presence by attracting more talent and by being able to give more candidates a chance to work abroad. YBorder’s fast-growing online presence has so far lived up to our expectations: in the mid and long term we expect the platform to be the go-to site where the best global talents can be reached out to.

We hope so too! Are you a Portuguese software engineer and interested in learning more about YBorder? Check out YBorder for more information or get in touch with Tronik:

Website: www.tronik.agency
Twitter: @tronik_dr
Facebook: facebook.com/Tronik-Digital-Recruitment-Agency

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