How an Austrian tech recruiter helps talents find a job abroad

This summer, Jean-Noël and Baptiste from YBorder traveled to meet one of their new partners in Linz, Austria. With its good economic climate, excellent IT infrastructure and top qualified professionals, the small country’s appeal as a tech hub is continuously increasing. The landlocked country makes it into the top 20 in an international ranking measuring the extent to which countries are capable of supporting a strong IT production sector.jobIT - proud YBorder partner.png

Personal, tech oriented and open to disappearing borders: jobIT from Austria

In Austria, Jean-Noël and Baptiste met with Gerd Liegerer. Disagreeing with common hiring procedures where a recruiter would “hire a finance expert in the morning, an HR manager in the afternoon and a developer in the evening”, Gerd mixes a personal approach with specialised tech knowledge and a single sector focus. A native Austrian and a software developer by training who spent time in the US during his studies, Gerd is the founder of jobIT, the Austrian YBorder partner. Representing some of YBorder’s values himself, Gerd views the opening markets and disappearing borders as an advantage for candidates and companies in Austria and abroad.

Few international opportunities for tech talents in Austria

Austrian companies like to complain about the shortage of qualified digital talents already highlighting back in late 2014 the need for 600 additional computer experts for the region of Upper Austria only. However, the YBorder partner also links difficulties to hiring tech talents to complicated and long-winding recruitment processes within bigger companies that show little flexibility. Despite being internationally active, Austrian companies also tend to keep German as the internal language of communication. This can limit opportunities for non-German speakers who have come to Austria to pursue English speaking programming degrees. “Austrians will need to change their way of thinking to guarantee future growth” stresses the Upper Austrian.

Software engineers in Austria and international aspirations

These limits in terms of international company structures might also be one of the reasons why Austrian software engineers decide to look abroad in order to experience a more international lifestyle. Gerd lists the international adventure itself and the opportunity to gain work experience with a big player in a bigger structure as two motivating factors for going abroad. The CEO of jobIT also considers the YBorder platform as an opportunity for international, non-German speaking students who studied in Austria and – until now – leave the country and continent again feeling disappointed. The tech recruitment specialist sees YBorder as an option for them to find a job more easily in Austria and abroad – jobs where fluent German is not required and where they can integrate easily.

Job applications abroad: “Lean back and let others do the job for you”

But how to find this great job abroad? The entrepreneur summarises an important advantage that YBorder offers to candidates in a simple example: “If a Java developer from Vienna sends out 10 applications, it is likely that he or she will pass 8 interviews and receive 5 offers. Why should they go through so much effort abroad by sending out all these applications if they can simply lean back, let others do the job and have companies apply to them?”

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