YBorder travelled to Prague a couple of days ago where we met with Pavel Kubal, one of the co-founders of Alviso, a designated YBorder partner in the Czech Republic.

Alviso’s offices are located right in the city center around the corner from the local highstreet in a 19th century building with high ceilings and bright yellow chairs in the meeting room. We were greeted by Eda, the impressive-in-size but friendly office dog who spent the rest of the meeting lying in the sun, sleeping.


Thank you for your time today, Pavel. Just to understand where you come from: How did you end up in the recruiting field?

I am a software developer by training and had been coding for 12 years by the time I decided to become my own employer – which was in 2012. Me and Petr, my business partner, have been friends since university and we always wanted to grow something together. Petr comes from the IT recruitment field, I am a “java guy”…moving into the digital recruitment field seemed natural and, as has been confirmed today, a good idea.

What’s the recruiting field like in the Czech Republic today then?

Over here you need to get licensed to move into recruiting – you need to prove that you have experience in the field. On the whole there are currently about 3,000 recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic, 200 of them are said to specialise in IT. Alviso currently counts 8 consultants, all specialised in tech. Maybe surprisingly for foreigners, we are one of the biggest agency focusing on digital talents in the country.

In terms of quality recruitment, size probably isn’t the most important factor…

Definitely. Our clients are glad that someone understands them, that someone speaks their language. Which is something that a specialised agency can provide particularly well. Like many developers I got into computers and software development through computer games. You can do wonders with a few lines of code… Any digital structure appreciates this approach and way of thinking.

One of the criteria to become part of the YBorder network is to be such a specialist of the local tech scene. What is special about Czech developers? How would you place them internationally?

Difficult to describe. What makes us special… I believe that for a Czech developer it is a mixture of education and creativity. There is no such thing as a single ingredient that makes us stand out. Some of the best IT security firms worldwide are from former Czechoslovakia, so either from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, a country we Czech still feel very close to. In any case, just think of it; that doesn’t come from nowhere. The Czech Republic isn’t no one in the international tech scene.

Why become part of the YBorder network?

YBorder is a new and unique tool which helps internationally curious candidates find a job abroad. I call it a “VIP” club for digital talents. There is generally a positive attitude towards life abroad – maybe also because a Czech developer generally has good English skills – so if we can help realise international ambitions, great!

And the developers? Why are they interested in the platform?

I would say that Czech developers are motivated by the experience itself. Less by the money. Certainly the salary might be more interesting at first glance in the US but then again the costs of living are substantially higher. Czech developers are drawn to international opportunities because they want to experience a different culture, they want to develop their personality, their skills. We hope that we will be able to send the internationally curious abroad with YBorder.

We hope so too. Thank you for your time, Pavel!

Are you a Czech developer and interested in learning more about YBorder? Check out YBorder for more information or get in touch with Alviso:

Web: www.alviso.cz
LinkedIn: Alviso

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