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It is still early morning when we arrive at Budapest airport. We get in a taxi to reach Buda, the western part of the city, where we are meeting with Anna and Timea from Pearl Hunt. On our way to their office, our driver will take us through the early morning rush hour past the Hungarian National Museum, the Dohány Street Synagogue and the Budapest-Nyugati Station before crossing the river Danube into the Buda neighborhood. Buda, the former capital of the Kingdom of Hungary until the late 19th century, is the greener and wealthier part of the city with beautiful views offered from the top of the hills. Notable landmarks like the Buda Castle and the Citadella call this area home. It is here where Pearl Hunt, the Hungarian YBorder partner, decided to open their office.

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From interviews in cafés to artwork in the office

Anna and Timea who are awaiting us in Buda are the two team leaders at Pearl Hunt, a specialised tech recruitment agency founded in 2011, that today counts ten members of staff. “It is very exciting for us to see how far we have come,” explains Anna, a software architect by training, on our way to the meeting room where we pass one of the most prominent features in the office: a dark purple painting that includes actual Java script. “We would interview candidates in cafes in the beginning,” she continues adding not without pride in her voice that the team has doubled in size in just one year.

A candidate-focused team who work with “partners” only

Pearl Hunt is standing out in comparison to other recruitment agencies based in Hungary: The specialised team consisting of nine women and only one man, operating in a by men dominated sector, is passionate about technology and has a personal and candidate-focused business approach where suits are unwanted and clients called “partners.” Is the latter maybe because Pearl Hunt and their clients are essentially both dependant on scarce resources, that is software developers, and thus actually in the same boat looking for the best pearl in the market? To develop the metaphor further: Why would Hungarian candidates be interested in sailing into unknown waters abroad?

21st century consultants are close to their candidates

According to Daily News Hungary, the Hungarian digital economy ranks third in the EU, after Ireland and Finland. Good times? Timea explains that there are interesting opportunities for programmers in the country, and of course also multinational companies. However, for some candidates this would not be enough. Rather, those turning to international opportunities are looking for stronger and more diverse skill development, linguistic and technical, and feel the desire to experience real change. “We were excited when YBorder contacted us to become part of the network. We were waiting for such a tool for our candidates and agency,” agree both when we ask them about their first contact with YBorder. And also internally, Pearl Hunt has been preparing for growing international opportunities: Consultants take English classes, are multilingual and enjoy traveling. Bottom line: 21st century consultants are close to their candidates.

A creative and enthusiastic team to help candidates reach their goal

We wonder what other characteristics besides openness and curiosity can be attributed to the team: “Enthusiasm, team spirit, creativity” is what the two tech recruitment experts list immediately illustrating this with daily team lunch breaks and an internally designed website.” And what about the candidates? How can you characterise them?” we want to find out at the end of the conversation. “Hungarian engineers are hardworking, trustworthy. They are persistent in a sense that they want to reach their goals.” Good luck reaching yours, too!

Are you a Hungarian software engineer willing to develop a diverse skillset abroad? Check out YBorder for more information or get in touch with Pearl Hunt:

Website: www.pearlhunt.hu
Facebook: facebook.com/PearlHuntKft
LinkedIn: Pearl Hunt Ltd

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