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When you google the digital sector in Poland you will realise how open the country is to new technologies: The share of households with Internet has long passed the 70%, almost tripling since 2004. The number of Polish domains in 2004 represents roughly one tenth of what there is today. The use of social media has surged and the Polish Wikipedia version is among the best fed, non-English editions worldwide. Further, the value of the internet economy has doubled in only six years, reaching 22.5 billion EUR, or 5.8% of GDP, in 2013.

The Polish YBorder partner: DotCommunity

I feel well informed about the Polish digital sector when I meet Tomasz and Barbara for our skype interview. Having worked in the IT recruitment field since 2007, Tomasz founded DotCommunity, the Polish YBorder partner, in 2013. The growth of the team to 8 full-time consultants in two years shows that there is a need for qualified tech recruitment personnel in Poland. Tomasz explains that increasing IT recruitment is not only linked to the intensifying digitalisation but also to the increasing number of international companies setting foot in the country and a change in companies’ recruitment approach.

Changed recruitment approach

When I ask to specify what “a changed recruitment approach” entails, Tomasz explains that while in the past, big corporations used to go for big, often internationally operating recruiters, there is a shift of some big players to smaller, local and specialised recruiters today who treat their needs with special care. Small specialised recruiters like DotCommunity are interested in establishing a real partnership with their clients with honest exchanges and open communication. “At DotCommunity, we are all the same but different: All of us have detailed knowledge of the digital sector but we also contribute knowledge from different business environments. We have a very flat hierarchy where we learn from each other easily.”

International activities and their impact on digital recruitment

The need for a flatter and more flexible internal structure within this new type of recruitment agency could be linked to the influence of foreign corporations on local entrepreneurs: About 36,000 locals are employed by foreign companies based in Cracow alone. The changes that international businesses have brought did not leave Polish developers unaffected. Whereas in the past, candidates might have been tempted to go abroad in order to move away from an outsourcing company and work for the base, Tomasz explains that today, Polish Software Engineers often get noticed by foreign clients. This encourages them to think about themselves as an equal partner. “Here in Cracow they work hand in hand with people from different countries, teams are usually international, many developers come to Poland. So why shouldn’t they do the same in Berlin, London or New York? They are open to trying something new to broaden their horizon. YBorder gives them this option.”

Little efforts needed to benefit from an international opportunity

We have reached the end of our conversation and I am wondering what other reasons made DotCommunity become a YBorder partner: “YBorder is an interesting experiment for us and also for the candidates,” finishes Barbara who also deals with the agency’s YBorder candidates. “The effort demanded by all parties is very little, it is easy to sign up. The platform allows us to offer an opportunity to all those candidates willing to go abroad.” And with regards to the candidates Tomasz concludes: “Candidates are attracted by the product and the company: Are they exciting from a technical perspective, innovative and/or disruptive? Adequate financial compensation reflecting higher costs of living abroad is also of interest. A better pension scheme and better working conditions including flexible working hours are included in the decision process as well. Young Poles are definitely open to going abroad.”

Are you a Polish developer ready for a new innovative and disruptive project abroad and interested in learning more about YBorder? Check out YBorderfor more information or get in touch with dotCommunity:

Website: www.dotcommunity.eu
LinkedIn: dotCommunity

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