International ambitions in the Romanian tech recruitment scene

“Romania has long been acknowledged as a growing key digital player in Europe”, explains Razvan Rada, an HR and tech recruiting specialist from from the recruitment agency Head Hunting IT in Bucharest. This is not only because of geographic, cultural and professional proximity to those in Western Europe and the US. Razvan links it especially to “its large and talented pool of tech graduates and professionals with good language skills. Romania joined the European Union back in 2007, so the Romanian workforce falls also under the E.U.’s labour legislation, that is applicable.”

Razvan’s explanations are supported by the American business magazine Forbes stating that the country’s technical talents are indeed its biggest strengths. According to the article Europe’s Hidden Entrepreneurial Tech Hotbed; Romania Powers Up, “internships and vocational training are particularly strong, driven by a culture of self learning, and it is these skills and qualities that are now helping to create the technical infrastructure for high growth tech firms from all over Europe.”

Head Hunting IT – a forward-thinking and modern partner

Because of this potential, the Romanian market was one of the first to be looked at for the YBorder network. Baptiste, one of the four co-founders of the talent platform, lists the key characteristics a recruitment agency needs to fulfill in order to join the YBorder network as a recruitment firm partner: Focus on digital and technical professions, an open and international mindset of the consultants, communication at eye level with the candidates, an excellent reputation in the local market.

Baptiste emphasizes the inversed role of the candidates with requires a new approach in terms of interaction with the candidates: “In the digital sector, it is the candidates who have a much bigger say than in other sectors. The YBorder network only works with agencies who count on the human dimension.”

One Romanian agency reunites all of these characteristics in particular: Head Hunting IT. Founded in late 2012 and handpicked by the YBorder founders, Head Hunting IT has managed to establish itself as one of the leading IT recruiters in Romania. The agency shares the same values as those emphasized by YBorder. Furthermore, YBorder fits into the company’s business concept as Razvan, the agency’s Managing Director, points out.

Romanian tech talents and international curiosity

At times where more and more students and professionals seek an experience abroad, YBorder offers this opportunity to digital talents. Through YBorder, Head Hunting IT is able to bring these talents closer to a “professional adventure” as Razvan tells us. But the candidates, whose curiosity Head Hunting IT has been able to attract, are not necessarily only motivated for economic reasons.

“Digital skills are in strong demand anywhere in Europe, and also in Romania”, says the Managing Director of Head Hunting IT, who has extensive experience in the digital sector. “Romania has caught up in recent years in terms of competing for attractive talents. Developers can make a very good living in the country today. Bucharest, Romania’s capital, as well as Cluj-Napoca, the main university city in the region of Transylvania, have become the IT hubs in the country.” To Razvan, talents with international ambitions are attracted by the experience itself that is the different culture, a new company and different technologies. International curiosity is certainly nothing that the country, and Romanian developers in particular, lacks: 400 candidates from the internal database have expressed interest in gaining work experience abroad and in getting qualified for YBorder.

How to help realise international ambitions?

So what are Head Hunting IT’s hopes with regards to their role in the YBorder network? “We are very motivated by this project. It represents exactly the spirit of our time. Our aim is to represent a reliable link between digital professionals and e-corporations, regardless if they are in Romania or abroad. There are plenty of talented digital professionals in Romania. If we can help realising their new career step and curiosity of working in cool companies abroad, we are happy to do so.”

Are you a Romanian developer and interested in learning more about your international coding opportunities? Check out YBorder for more information or get in touch with Head Hunting IT:

Twitter: @HeadHuntingIT
LinkedIn: Head Hunting IT

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