YBorder is the only platform that helps tech talents to find the perfect job in the country of their dream. This week we will focus on Amsterdam, a great country for the bikes lovers but also for digital opportunities!

Why you will love Amsterdam

Open, easy-going and dynamic cyclists living in brick houses

When talking about the Netherlands, images of colourful tulip fields and windmills surrounded by green spaces overseen by a blue sky will pop up in many people’s minds. Others will immediately think of bicycles that seem to be the favourite means of transportation for the Dutch, and canals marking the Dutch capital. Amsterdam itself is one of a kind with a lot of character. Amsterdam’s appeal lies in its high quality of life, its rich cultural heritage with its particular brick-house architecture, its diverse, creative and open culture and its commercial dynamism directly contrasting but not contradicting the capital’s village and relaxed feel.

Limited in size but certainly not in tech and creative potential

Despite being small in size, the Dutch once again prove to us that size doesn’t matter. The Netherlands are among the countries with the highest population density in Europe certainly possessing the capacity for a thriving tech and ICT hub. A prominent choice for international professionals, the city is home to an open and creative tech scene and numerous innovative companies. Around one third of European data centres are now based in the Amsterdam Area. There is an impressive digital infrastructure ¬– the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is one of the world’s largest data transport hubs.

Become an active member in the local tech community

The Amsterdam Area’s software development scene is especially vibrant, driven by established professionals, young coding talents and entrepreneurs with fresh ideas and willing to try something different. So where to look for those brains to mingle with the local tech crowd and to become an active member in the community?

· Iamsterdam compiles a comprehensive set of articles and information in multiple languages on anything you need to know to live, do business and go out in Amsterdam. The website also provides an event calendar for its startup community.

· Startup Juncture is blog about all things related to Dutch startups. It also lists events that are of relevant to newly relocated and local tech experts.

What to think of when arriving in Amsterdam


Living in unusual and exciting spaces

When it comes to renting in Amsterdam, the private sector is the best option for most expats in terms of flexibility and choice. Apart from looking for places on online housing sites, you can also go for an estate agent, a Makelaar. Amsterdam offers two especially unique and unusual housing options that can be particularly tempting for all those new to the city: The first is the so-called anti-kraak where the owner of a building decides to temporarily rent out — often interesting and sometimes spacious — empty property like churches or schools. House boats are another housing option that can be appealing to new arrivals. Or do you know anyone living on a boat?

Arrive, register, settle.

For citizens of the European Union, moving to Amsterdam is very easy and straight forward. If you come to live in the Netherlands, the most important administrative procedure is to register with the municipality, the gemeente, within a couple of days after arriving. When you register, you will receive a personal public service number (BSN) during your appointment. This number is required in order to be permitted to work, open a bank account, make use of health care institutions and apply for benefits or an allowance. Once you are registered you can easily go about your new life in Amsterdam and make it your new home.

Have access to excellent healthcare

Dutch healthcare is among the very best in the world, with people having access to the most advanced treatments and preventative care. When living in the Netherlands you are obliged to take out health insurance, even if you have health insurance in your country of origin. You can choose your own health insurance provider (zorgverzekeraar).

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More information on iamsterdam.com

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