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In the wake of the news that the UK is leaving the EU, Yborder reaffirms it will continue its mission to help UK tech companies and startups attract and recruit European software and engineering talent.

Yborder warns the UK might suffer a bigger shortage of software engineers on the short term. However, as news concerning the rights of EU migrants to live and work in the UK become clearer and the situation settles down in the next few months, Yborder will continue working hard to provide information on the benefits of working in the UK for engineers compared to other options in Europe.
Tech Evangelist at Yborder, Josephine Goube states: “Software engineers can work from anywhere; and it will be a harder sale for UK based tech companies to attract and retain the top European tech talent to work for them in the UK. To that concern, we wanted to reaffirm that we have built a platform for tech companies to get alerted in real time by our network of headhunters when a tech talent is available to them. We believe that our online recruitment platform and headhunting services are needed more than ever to service the UK job market.”

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