It is widely argued that the UK’s membership to the EU has been an important factor in the growth of its tech startup scene. 

The freedom of movement of people, capital and goods have been integral to the operation of many pan-European tech business as are single legal frameworks spanning all member states.

But after the brexit vote, it is uncertain the UK will be able to retain strong ties with Europe. 

A recent survey from Tech City UK people working in tech in London post #brexit and half of respondents (51%) say they think that it will be more difficult to attract and retain the very best talent; 70% of employers said they want to hear a clear message on EU residents’ ability to live and work in the country.  

London’s Calling

At Yborder, we wrote about these concerns the day after the vote (see: What the Brexit means for the UK Startup Scene and European Tech Talent) – and issued a statement to reassure companies in the UK that we will continue support them in their recruitment needs.

We are now putting an evening panel talk event together in partnership with Tech London Advocates and Tech City UKon July 20th in London to discuss the matter.

Will UK retain strong links with Europe, in particular access to the Digital Single Market, an EU initiative designed to remove barriers for digital goods so British companies can continue scale properly across Europe? 

Will UK remain attractive to tech talent?

Moderated by Mike Butcher MBE and Editor-At-Large of TechCrunch Europe and bringing together

  • Alain Falys CEO from YoyoWallet, serial tech entrepreneur, executive and investor, with an affinity for useful financial technologies and e-commerce,
  • Brynn Herbert, founder of MoveGuides, the cloud platform for talent mobility;
  • Kristjan Lepik, Teleport Partnership Manager, a company helping techies make informed decision on moving to other cities;

the event aims to bring the tech community together to discuss what will keep London attracting the best and brightest, what are the other city options for companies looking to relocate, what can be done to prepare for the future of recruitment in the UK.

We hope to bring a fruitful conversation on how companies can prepare their future recruitment or how to decide where to relocate, and help the London tech talent make informed decisions on their future in the UK.

Tickets & more information on the schedule here:

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