Looks like it.

The latest data we collected from our platform shows a sharp decrease in the numbers of tech candidates expressing a desire to move to work in the UK specifically.  

Country UK Germany France
July 20% 8% 3%
August 15% 5% 2%
September 8% 5% 1%

Source: Yborder.
In July, 20% of our talented techies specifically selected the UK as a country where they would like to find work. In September, the percentage has dropped to 8%.

We can’t claim what’s happening on YBorder is a trend reflective of a bigger movement on the market. The statistic was pulled from the average 360 candidates a month our team of headhunters qualifies on YBorder, which covers only a small portion of the talent available across Europe (estimated at 15 million total).

Still, the attractiveness of the UK remains higher than other European countries – while the US stays on top. On average, 6% of tech candidates express the specific desire to move to Germany; and 3% to France (compared to an average 14,5% to the US) .  

We wonder if the pound dropping and the latest announcement that the UK government is planning to require companies to list foreign workers will reinforce this trend on the platform.

We will keep you in the loop – and wait  December when we confirm the trend or not on this blog!

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