Things have changed for recruiters: the access to information on candidates and candidates themselves are now available to employers. Employers can directly fish for candidates online through Linkedin, Google, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other commercial platforms.

So why would you need a recruiter anymore? Taking into account the fact that YBorder thrives thanks to its network of professional tech headhunters, we offer you today 5 reasons why recruiters are still relevant and what makes a great recruiter in the digital age.

1 – Gain Time Sourcing

As I said, why would you need a recruiter when you have linkedin? Well, those platforms that might be a great source, but not everyone signing up to linkedin is great per se.

Scanning through a lot of profiles can take time. This is why today’s recruiters will save you time searching as they have mastered the searching tools offered on these different platforms, or pay for premium features that make these searches more efficient.

2 – Recognise real talent & soft-skills

Still, given that anyone can access a talent platform, a recruiter’s job is no longer about access but about curation of that talent.

A solid recruiter is someone who can use these platforms to source quality talent and has enough expertise to spot the right candidates that match your company’s culture.

As much as we want to believe what is written on Linkedin by candidates themselves and the recommendations given from their peers, a good recruiter has a special eye to point out what environment the candidate thrives in based on their self description and background experiences.

A recruiter will still have to pick up the phone and inquire into what the presumably talented person has built online and over GitHub. Yborder takes it further: our platform only shows profiles that have been validated by headhunters, not random people that have signed up, or validated by a machine.

3 – Sending you only the right candidates – not hundreds

Once a recruiter has found a new talent, it has to nurture the relationship. Today’s digital tools and social media are very helpful for recruiters. They can help them build up an idea of the candidate’s desires, ambitions and limitations. A good recruiter knows that it’s about pushing human potential, not about selling a commodity on the market.

You see, a lot of average/mediocre recruiters are perceived as professional spammers, and rightly so: they send you the same templated emails about how they have fantastic candidates and singing their praises. For a recruiter, adapting to the digital revolution does not mean spamming employers: it’s about understanding that today it’s all about the service and the human touch.

The digital platforms enable recruiters to know more about their candidates and to only advocate for the ones that will mesh well with your company culture.

4 – Helps you discover the talent you might miss

The market for tech talents has grown so big so fast, that more and more niche skills are needed in today’s digital companies and startups.

Recruiters have seen this, and have been on the forefront of spotting the latest ‘unusual’ talent, spotted by their code on Github or activity on Stack Overflow.

The fact of the matter is: ten years ago many jobs like Data scientist and Machine Learning Analyst did not exist. The learning curve to truly understand the skills required for these positions can oftentimes be steep. You therefore often need a specialised tech recruiter to validate that the candidates you have found possess the right knowledge to succeed in the role.

A good recruiter will find the talent you need, and help you navigate the new skill sets that are on the market.

5 – It is only paid based on the results

At the end of the day, it comes down to the commission you agreed upon with your recruiter, which is paid out to them upon a successful recruitment. At Yborder, we promise one of the lowest rate on the market, 12%. 

This way, as an employer you are only paying if satisfied, and as a recruiter your only motive is to create a successful match. When before it might have relied on trust, now with Linkedin updates, it is impossible for a recruiter not to miss that they helped you find your latest recruit, and so it is no longer possible for recruiters to ask money forefront. 

Any good recruiter will also offer to reimburse you if the candidate does not stay after 90 days – which is what YBorder promises.

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