Developers get annoyed by the same things that bug the rest of us: a bad office coffee, endless meetings or the computer being too slow to respond. But there are some issues quite unique to tech people. Here’s a list of seven things you want to get right if you are hiring techies. 

  1. Interview

It gets quite annoying when you are being asked to solve coding problems that you’d never encounter in the real world by your interviewer. Worse is when the interviewer does not understand exactly what it is that they ask for, and what you do…

  1. Documentation

That’s a bit of a love-hate relationship here. We don’t like to write documentation but we complain when there is too much documentation or that there is no documentation. We want well-written, accurate, concise documentation, but we don’t want to write it. Try to make sense out it.

  1. Errors / bugs

Dealing with bugs and errors on a daily basis can really get on the nerves. Literally.

  1. The QA team

Sometimes it feels like the QA team ask you to go back and rework parts of the code because they can’t handle it themselves. It gets even more frustrating when they don’t understand the project’s constraints, the work-arounds, the challenges and obstacles you ran into when you were building that part of code…

  1. The co-working space

Not always easy to work from an open office floor plan and when asked to work in teams, in collaboration. There is so much space for distractions: phones, chats, coffee, the ping pong table, …

  1. Meetings

This is perhaps a problem for everyone: boring, dreadful, lengthy meeting or meetings that could just be sorted in an email…


  1. Recruiters

That’s probably the thing that make non-tech employees a little jealous of us. Recruiters email us, they call us, they just won’t leave us alone even when we are not actively looking for a job. And that sometimes gets a little irritating. Though for sure, the most annoying being when they send you irrelevant job openings or positions that don’t fit with your requirement…

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