The new year might have come out of nowhere, but thankfully, the craziness that was 2016 is behind us and we are ready for a fresh start.

If you’ve been telling yourself for the past months (or years) that you are ready for new professional challenges, then 2017 is your year to take the leap of faith and make the change. YBorder has the best options in Europe’s hottest tech firms and startups, but this week we are focusing on one of our favorite partners located in Hamburg, Germany.


Let’s start with some Hamburg facts and knowledge, because this isn’t a city we often mention when talking about Germany. Did you know that this northern German gem has more 2300 bridges? That’s more than Amsterdam and Venice COMBINED, equating to a lot of beautiful canals and small streets to get lost in and explore. It is common knowledge that most residents own a small boat to get from point A to point B. Why take a taxi when you can boat yourself to your next party? Hamburg also happens to be Germany’s largest city after Berlin, but promotes all things green with it 2 lakes in the center of the city, surrounded by parklands, promenades, and restaurants. While we’re on the green topic, did you know that Hamburg is the greenest city in Europe? 14% of the city is made up of parks and gardens. And finally, if you’re thinking about relocating here, be not afraid! 15% of the local population is made up of foreigners; that’s more than 250,000 people and 180 different nationalities. You may be different, but you’ll fit right in!


Now that you know a little more about this wonderful city, let’s talk details. Our partner is on a mission to disrupt urban carpooling, by enabling existing car owners to share empty seats in their vehicles while on their way to work. This allows car owners to make a little extra cash for gas, create new friendships, and reduce traffic in large cities while saving the planet – because more people per car means fewer cars on the road equaling LESS emissions. Cool, right? The product is taking off in several large Asian cities where traffic is a massive problem, and they are currently expanding their mission to more cities across the globe.


To make this possible, this investor backed group needs true back-end aces in Node.js and Ruby. Good experience in mobile applications would be a huge plus.


Why should you want to apply? They offer all the bells and whistles of a modern, healthy start-up, and a truly international working environment. Some of these perks include:

  • Shares in the company for each and every employee
  • Language classes for those who would like to be able to respond “ja” when a local asks them “sprechen sie deutsch?”
  • Gym membership for when it’s too cold to take your boat out for a workout row
  • Full relocation assistance, including visa sponsorship for those coming from outside of the European Union.
  • Team events, drinks, and more. A truly social and open environment

If this sounds intriguing, or you’d like to find out more, don’t hesitate to sign-up on YBorder today so we can share this opportunity with you. Remember, you can always contact us with your initial questions HERE. 2017 is your year, let us help you make the first move to your new, wonderful career!

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