Hottest job of the week #4 : IoT + Paris

We’re coming at you this week with an exciting offer from one of our partners located in YBorder’s neck of the woods, the City of Lights.

What’s not to love about Paris? You’ve probably been here before, checked out the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre plus a few other museums, Boulevard St. Germain and Notre Dame. And that’s great and all…

But have you ever heard of Canal St. Martin, Buttes Chaumont, or rue de Charonne? Ever had dumplings in Belleville or checked out Paris’s oldest market, Le Marché des Enfants Rouge? Paris is crawling with activities and places to visit outside of the tourist realm. There’s a whole other city to discover outside of the center’s famous landmarks and even if you lived here for more than 10 years, you’d probably never be able to cover it all. And, if you decide to come to France for its spectacular wine and cheese, the city has got plenty of that to offer along with one of Europe’s most vibrant restaurant and bar scenes. Let’s just say you’ll never be bored here. Or hungry.

If you hadn’t already heard, Paris’s tech & startup scene is quickly becoming something that’s turning heads. Recent happenings like the opening of the free coding school 42 and the development of the world’s largest startup incubator Station F are just a few contributors to Paris’s recent rise in investment activity.

With a whirlwind of ideas and new concepts launching from the French capital, it’s no surprise that this week’s featured partner has been gaining worldwide recognition for their connected objects that are revolutionizing today’s home.

Despite several successful fund raising rounds and rapid growth, this group still promotes all the best value’s of a true startup, including a very international team aspect. They stay true to their mission: to design and create beautiful, innovative products that provide a seamless experience to help users create a safer, healthier and more comfortable home. All while guarding a fun, productive and smart work environment.

If coding in a connected-objects oriented environment sounds interesting to you, then please read on.

With super growth and current funding at over $38 million, our partner is looking for a variety of different candidates in Paris and Lyon (we might’ve focused on Paris here – we’re biased – but Lyon is a damn great city, too).

  • iOS & Android developers
  • Web application developer, mastering one or several of the following languages: C, C++, C#, Javascript, PHP
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Backend software engineer: C++ / Java
  • Embedded software engineer: C

If all this sounds appealing to you and you’d like to learn more, sign-up on YBorder today.

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