The reason why France is the place to be

Today we have good news for all of you who want to come work in France! Last week, Axelle Lemaire, the French Minister for Digital Affairs announced the launch of the French Tech Visa. This visa is aiming to attract foreign talents to France at times where European countries seem to close their borders.

What exactly is the French Tech Visa?

The French Tech Visa is part of the French “Passport talent” scheme along with the French Tech Ticket. The French Tech ticket is a 12-month seed accelerator program for international entrepreneurs that want to establish themselves in France and Europe. The French Tech Visa completes this program with its 4-year residence permit dedicated to international tech talents. Foreign startup or scale-up employees as well as investors, business angels and people working in French startups or scale-ups are eligible for this visa. It replaces the work permit for any citizen coming from outside the European Economic Union and Switzerland, and can be extended to the spouse of the applicant.

Diversity within the French Tech scene

The French Tech scene is constantly increasing and its notoriety keeps on growing. This has been proved by its impressive delegation at the last CES in Las Vegas and by Facebook’s launch of its first startup incubator based in Paris earlier this month. France clearly wants to be a game changer in the international tech industry, and is willing to attract foreign talents to do so.

Find job opportunities in France

If you are interested in moving to France, you should be even more motivated after reading this. YBorder is here to help you find your dream job in the amazing country that is France (okay, this might sound a little bit biased but we do love our country!). If you are not already registered on our platform, sign up here today and get connected with the best French tech companies!

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