The hottest job of the week: Front-end & back-end developers in BerlinThis week we are coming at you with an exciting partner based in one of Europe’s most dynamic places, Berlin.

Our partner is a mobile marketing expert employing 200 people across 4 continents. They describe themselves as fun, fearless and relentlessly resourceful. Are you? If so, then you might be interested in these job offers. The company is looking for:

  • a back-end Ruby engineer with at least 4+ years of experience in web and software development, with high interest in mobile advertising
  • a front-end engineer with 3+ years of experience using JavaScript, AngularJS and JQuery

Working there, you will be able to:

  • Work in a challenging and dynamic environment
  • Build strong team relationships
  • Choose your own work equipment
  • Be integrated quickly thanks to their buddy system
  • Be free to design and use new technologies
  • Enjoy a monthly company breakfast

These two offers are based in Berlin but speaking German is not a requirement (nor is it for everyday life in Germany). The city is multicultural and bustling 24/7. Berlin is famous for its nightlife (more diverse than you might have thought) and its cultural scene. You can enjoy art exhibitions and street food events all year long. The city is full of parks and gardens that you will surely enjoy during summer. Berliners are friendly and respectful people, that will welcome you with open arms.

If one of these job offers was made for you, sign up on YBorder today!

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