Hiring highly-qualified tech talents can be difficult given today’s market shortage for these candidates. Correctly assessing technical skills is essential to recruit the best candidates for your company. Mastering this part of the hiring process is therefore essential to appeal to developers. Here are a couple of dos and don’ts to keep in mind when recruiting techies.

When assessing technical skills during an interview
  • Don’t: Only ask technical questions
    When it comes to recruiting high-qualified tech talents, recruiters can have some difficulties assessing candidates’ knowledge on technical aspects of the job. Therefore at the early stage of the recruitment process, recruiters might want to ask a bunch of prepared technical questions to test the candidate. These questions are helpful to make sure one has the skills required for the job, but it does not actually give candidates the opportunity to show their capabilities.
  • Do: Ask questions on past work and solutions they came up with
    More than only asking technical questions, recruiters should focus more on open questions where developers have the opportunity to talk about their past work to illustrate the way they code and solve problems. Open questions are more interesting for recruiters as you will learn more about candidates’ personality and motivation.
When performing technical tests
  • Don’t: Use technical assessments that are not relevant
    Technical assessments are common in the tech recruitment process, but they are not so popular for candidates and recruiters alike. Too often both parties do not see the usefulness and added value of such tests. One reason for this is that the technical test might be too “standard”. Therefore it is important to build technical assessments that will provide recruiters answers to their questions about a candidate’s skills. This is even more important for developers to be able to see the quality of their code and have an idea of how they structure it when they have to create something from scratch, for example.
  • Do: Give feedback and ask for some too
    If technical tests help recruiters make hiring decisions, they could be even more helpful if they came with feedback. Feedback is highly valued at the professional level to be able to keep going forward. After a test, both parties should give their feedback on it. Developers often like to know on which points they performed well and what they missed. But on the other side, candidate’s feedback on the test will help recruiters assess if their test was relevant for their needs and it will give them hints to improve it. Feedback is also a great way to start an open conversation between the development team and the candidate, and discuss coding habits and tips.
When asking tech teams to assist you
  • Don’t: Involve your tech team throughout the whole process
    When hiring new talents for tech teams, recruiters often like to involve them in the recruitment process. This can help knowing what exactly the needs are, and what technical skills the team is looking for. However, tech managers often feel overwhelmed by the numerous interviews and processes that are part of recruiting. It is important to assess which stages of the process should be supported by the tech team, and those which are more linked to HR.
  • Do: Make hiring decisions based on your tech team suggestions
    The most important steps of the hiring process where recruiters will need the help of tech teams are resume screening and technical tests. Traditional resume screening is not the perfect way of selecting tech candidates. That is why recruiters should ask developers from the tech team to screen candidates their own way. Developers will not go through candidates’ CVs. They are more likely to go on the web and on platforms such as Github to get an idea of candidates’ work. Feedback after technical tests is also important as we stated earlier. Involving your tech team at this stage of the process is necessary to provide relevant feedback to candidates and to eventually engage conversations with them. This will later help recruiters in their hiring decisions if the developers had a great impression of a candidate.

The following table will sum up this article. Make sure to remember these dos and don’ts when hiring developers and engineers!

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