5 essential tips when looking for a job abroad

Have you ever encountered the perfect job offer but it turned out it was not located in the country you were living in? Are you often thinking you are missing job opportunities because they are situated overseas? Then why not jump on the opportunity to find your dream job in another country? In this article we’ll provide you some essential tips to be well prepared when looking for a job abroad.

1- Get information on countries you would like to move to

You might be attracted by some countries or cities for different reasons, both for professional and personal reasons. But are you really tuned in to the market there? Before making any life changing decision, it would be wise to look at the market dynamics of your chosen future place of work. Getting information on the average salary, the cost of living, or the economic situation of a certain country or city is good way to start. This will help you assess whether or not the place you are considering moving to will meet your expectations in terms of quality of life. Teleport is an interesting website to find this information. Even though it is usually not the only factor, quality of life is usually a major aspect in future expatriates’ decisions.

2- Get visible worldwideIn a nutshell: essential tips when looking for a job abroad

As a tech talent you might not need to actively search locally as recruiters tend to naturally find you. However, it can be different when applying for jobs abroad. Indeed, you are naturally less visible to them compared to local workers. Therefore, you need to find ways to attract recruiters’ attention even miles away. Targeting platforms that are specialized in international recruitment is one option. YBorder is one of these international recruitment platforms. Our job is to help you find the perfect job in your dream city. Signing up on YBorder will allow you to be visible to the best tech companies across the world. The platform is aiming at facilitating your international job search.

3- Build language skills

Wherever you want to go, language skills are essential. This does not mean that you must fluently speak the language of your chosen city. Today, most companies that are recruiting internationally only require tech talents to speak English as it is the main language used for work. If you’re not speaking the language of your host country and English is not your mother tongue, you will need to make sure to be able to communicate professionally in either of these languages before you move. Poor language skills are often the cause of difficulties integrating in a host country. Also, mastering some basic words and expressions in your host country’s language will also help you in your everyday life.

4- Make sure your new company will assist you

Moving and working abroad often implies immigration procedures that can be a bit overwhelming. During the hiring process, it will be important for you to ask your future employer if they are helping international employees to set up in the country in any way. This could be through support during visa applications or apartment hunting, or even a special integration program when arriving in the company. An employer that is actively helping you to integrate in a new country is always appreciated and will make your life easier.

5- Prepare for a complete immersion

Living in a foreign country implies adapting to a new culture, that can be very different from yours. Gather as much information as possible on your future country’s culture to get a full understanding of it. Of course, the internet is full of expat websites where you will find useful information. But you can also try to reach for former or current expats to talk about their experience and get some feedback. Once installed in the foreign country, do not hesitate to fully immerse yourself in the local culture by meeting locals and developing relationships with them.

Talents living and working in a foreign company is common nowadays. Therefore, if your dream job is located abroad, this should not be an obstacle if you are open to mobility. These tips are here to help you find the perfect job overseas and adapt smoothly to your new country.

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  1. Awesome share. Taking a job abroad is a great opportunity. Keep sharing such useful and motivation posts. These type of posts motivates people towards the things in which they get confused. These 5 essential tips when looking for a job abroad are very useful. Keep blogging..

    1. Thank you for you comment! We’re glad you’ve found those tips helpful and surely will continue to share more content about this topic.

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