The hottest job of the week: PHP developer + London

New week, new job opportunity! The hottest job of the week is based in one of the most attractive cities in Europe (at least we think it’s still considered Europe): London. Our partner was listed in the UK’s most innovative startups and is now hiring new talents. They have created an innovative API for hospitality companies and their customers. With their solution, they provide better experiences to their clients.

They are currently looking for a PHP developer to work on their core platform team. This will involve working on the current API as well as launching a new service platform. You will join a small team working in an Agile environment. The required skills for this job are:

  • PHP 5
  • Knowledge of MySQL
  • An understanding of full stack development and API design
  • A professional knowledge of Git

In addition to that, the company offers great benefits such as:

  • Monthly hackathons
  • Flexible work hours
  • Budget and time for personal learning and projects
  • Equity share options
  • Regular office events

This company is one of YBorder’s most promising partners. You will get huge opportunities working with them, that’s for sure! And what’s the icing on the cake? You will be based in London. The city is a huge tech hub and full of opportunities for startups. London was nicknamed the Silicon Roundabout, precisely because its tech scene is booming and investors love it! By the way, our partner raised over $15M so far.

Living in London you will enjoy its multicultural environment. London is renowned for its cultural wealth. You will feel strong influences from different cultural backgrounds, especially in fashion and music. The city has a lot to offer, from recreational activities to numerous varieties of restaurants. And forget the rainy London cliché. There are a lot of sunny days too, which you can spend wandering in Hyde Park or by the Thames!

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