Employer branding is a trending topic these days. It has become more and more important over the years as employee retention is becoming more challenging. The increasing need for flexible careers is one reason for this. And it is even more true for technical employees that are constantly offered new competitive job opportunities. Companies therefore need to find a way to attract the best tech talents, and to retain them. Employer branding is at the center of this challenge and developers are one solution to it. Here are some ideas on how to involve your developers in your employer branding. And why it is important to do so.


Find out what your technical teams want

If you want your technical teams to promote your company and brand, you need to make sure they are comfortable in their jobs. As a tech company, this is even more important as developers are at the core of your business. Find out what they value the most, and look for a way to integrate them in your company’s values and branding. For example, developers might value flexible work hours, time allowed for personal projects, or training on new technical skills. Create an environment that your employees are proud to promote, and they will be happy to tell it to the world. There are many solutions to boost employees’ engagement and well-being on the market. Let’s just name a few of them. Wisembly is an application that allows managers to create interactive meetings and surveys. With Zest Me Up you will be able to get feedback and ideas from your employees in just a few clicks. And Super Mood will allow you to get a weekly overview of your workforce’s mood.


Encourage your development team to be your company’s voice

Involving your technical staff in your recruitment processes can benefit recruiters in hiring the best tech talents. But what’s the best way to prove to candidates that your employer brand is authentic? Let your employees speak out. Invite your development team to be your brand storytellers. An easy way to do so is to encourage them to write content for your company’s blog. Guest articles from developers will attract candidates that want to know more about their future employer. Tech employees often love to share stories about their work and why they love it. Another way to do so is to make your tech staff attend key conferences and events to talk about your company. Also this can be a great way to engage conversation between your tech teams and candidates with great potential.

Developers are valuable employees within any company. Encouraging them to be representatives for your brand is key if you’re looking to hire more than the average tech talents. Showing that your tech teams are in tune with your company’s values and that they are being listened to will have a great impact on your recruitment processes. Tech talents are looking for signs showing that a company’s employer branding is not just about great communication tools. Creating ‘brand ambassadors’ out of developers will help you justify the authenticity of your brand.

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