Every year, Stack Overflow releases its annual developer survey. They ask the community of developers and engineers about their coding habits, technology preferences, and employment status.

This survey is interesting for anyone wanting to learn more about developers across the world as well as the tech industry. This is also the opportunity for us at YBorder to learn more about technology trends, and compare them with data from our recruitment platform. We chose to point out for you the top technologies used by developers and searched by companies when hiring new talents.

5 technologies companies on YBorder are currently looking for

Every month, we rank the top searched keywords by our partners. In February, the most searched keywords on YBorder were JavaScript, PHP, Python, Node.js and Angular. Last month over 850 searches were made on the platform. PHP was searched 132 times, Javascript 127 times, followed by Angular, Node.js and Python.

Top keywords searches on YBorder


This gives you a glimpse of what technologies recruiters in Europe are currently looking for. But what about developers? Here are some Stack Overflow survey results that will answer this question.

Most popular technologies

In its survey, Stack Overflow gathered information on the most popular technologies used by developers. This year again, JavaScript ranks first as the most popular programming language with 62.5%, followed by SQL and Java. As for the most popular frameworks and libraries, Node.js, AngularJS and .NET Core are in the top 3 of respondents with 47.1%, 44.3% and 33.4% respectively. Finally in terms of databases, MySQL is the most used with 55.6%, followed by SQL Server and SQLite.

Most popular programming languages
Most popular programming languages (source: Stack Overflow)
Most loved technologies by developers

Rust, SmallTalk and TypeScript are among the most loved programming languages this year. This means that developers are loving working on it and are eager to continue to do so. React, Node.js and .NET Core are the top 3 of most loved frameworks and libraries this year. Finally 64.8% of respondents declared to love working with Redis, followed by PostgreSQL (60.8%) and MongoDB (55.0%).

Most popular developer environments

Across the following occupations surveyed (web developer, desktop developer, devops and data scientist), Visual Studio, Notepad++, Vim, Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text are the most popular developer environments used.

Most popular developer environments
Most popular developer environments for software developers (source: Stack Overflow)
The majority of developers are open to new job opportunities

According to the developers surveyed, only 8.0% of developers in France and 9.5% in the UK are actively looking for a job. However it is interesting to see that 64.2% of developers based in France are open to new job opportunities, and 59.1% in the UK. These numbers reflect the dynamism of the tech talent market. Developers value opportunities for professional development the most, and also pay attention to the languages, frameworks and other technologies used when assessing a potential job.

Top 5 paying technologies in France and the UK

Stack Overflow gathered data on salaries across technologies used at work. In the UK, TypeScript is the technology that pays the best (median salary of $53,763) followed by Ruby and C#. Whereas in France, Python developers are the best paid with a median salary of $42,151, then developers working on C++ and JavaScript. Among the 64,000 developers surveyed across the world, most of them declare to be underpaid, especially when working for government or non-profit organizations.

Top paying technologies in the UK
Top paying technologies in the UK (source: Stack Overflow)
Top paying technologies in France
Top paying technologies in France (source: Stack Overflow)


This sums up our overview of the top technologies currently used in the tech industry. If you want to find out more about this Stack Overflow Developer Survey, here are the complete results. Don’t forget to sign up on YBorder too. Your next dream job might be a few clicks away, who knows?!

And partners, do not hesitate to set up alerts on YBorder by searching for one of these technologies. Thanks to our alerts, there’s no doubt you will find the best candidates available!

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