Meet Gabi, a talented 33-year old Romanian PHP developer working at DrEd in London, UK. Recruited a few months ago, this is his first professional experience outside his home country. Gabi found this opportunity thanks to his YBorder profile. He agreed to answer a couple of questions for us, and we hope this will give you helpful feedback about the platform.

YBorder’s concept was worthy to try out

One day, a Romanian head hunting partner of YBorder contacted Gabi and told him about the platform. Since Gabi had been thinking about working abroad for some time, he found YBorder’s concept interesting and agreed to try it out. Gabi is now working in one of his preferred  destinations.

It was love at first sight

DrEd was the first company that approached Gabi and the only one that he agreed to start a conversation with. Although other companies were approaching him, he found this group to be the perfect match for what he was looking for.

A supportive employer and a couple of Romanian friends

DrEd was very supportive in helping Gabi move to London. They guided him a lot at the beginning, and even paid for an apartment his first two weeks in the country. Thanks to this he was able to smoothly adapt to his new life and job in the UK. His ability to fluently speak English has been a big help. Gabi is now living in a shared house with other Romanians and is involved with the London Romanian community. As much as he likes being part of this community, he is also very open to building friendships with locals.

A positive experience, highlighted by support and trust

Gabi believes that YBorder is a good platform for building confidence and relationship between companies and potential international employees. He was able to find a job abroad within a few weeks. Gabi also liked his relationship with the YBorder team. He found them serious and professional, and that they cared about his success and job search. This was important for him as he was leaving home for the first time. Planning for a move abroad involves a certain level of stress and planning, and YBorder was here to support him. Gabi liked how he was able to build trust with the team, and found them reactive in responding to his questions.

Overall, his experience with the platform was very positive and he already talked about it to other friends in Romania.

Gabi's success story

Hopefully, this will give you more confidence in your decision get on board with YBorder to find a job abroad. If so, don’t wait any longer and sign up now!

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