In the quest of finding the best tech talent for your company, there is one thing you can no longer ignore: you need to have a fast and effective recruitment process. Developers are a rare commodity these days. The more reactive you are in the hiring process, the more chances you have to retain their interest. This is where the applicant tracking software comes into play.

If you’ve never heard of an applicant tracking system, well you might be missing out on something! An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a recruiting tool that centralizes from start to finish the sourcing, screening and hiring process of potential candidates.

They have proved to help many companies reduce their time-to-fill metric as well as their costs. Here are 4 reasons why you should use an ATS.

1. You’re tired of using multiple job boards

If you are working in a larger company, you might use your own company site as well as multiple job boards such as Monster or Indeed to post job openings. The more job boards you use, the more time and money you will spend on them. An ATS such as Workable or SmartRecruiters will help you save time by posting jobs on more than 15 jobs boards at the same time. Every candidate from any job board that matches your needs will then be directly pushed to your ATS. All the applications you receive can then be processed from one platform – your ATS!

2. You’re looking for a way to refine your screening

Implementing a faster hiring process is also related to candidate screening. With an ATS, you can make screening faster by setting up some parameters. You can add filters on the degree or the years of experience required, as well as include pre-screening questions in the application form. That way, you are sure the resumes you are receiving perfectly match your needs.

3. You need to communicate more effectively with your colleagues

It is often difficult to manage multiple hiring processes when you are working with colleagues. To be efficient, everyone needs to know where each process is at, who last contacted the candidate or what the next step will be. Using an ATS is just the solution for that. Everything is tracked and shared with your team. You will even be able to give your feedback and comments as needed.

4. …as well as with candidates

Efficiently communicating with your colleagues is important, but communicating with candidates is key. They need to know how the recruitment process works, what the next steps will be and who will be involved in the recruitment process. And they want to know this information quickly. The best candidates will not wait on you for too long if they have other attractive offers on the table. Consider them as clients, and your ATS as a dedicated recruitment CRM. You need to convince them that you are their perfect company. That is why tracking all conversations is crucial. Keeping a fast-paced and totally smooth conversation with candidates will reflect a positive image of your company and its recruitment process. A simple CRM tool will do that, but an ATS will integrate this with many other aspects of your hiring process.

Here we provided the four most important advantages of using an ATS when hiring new talents, but there are multiple other reasons to get on board right now! At YBorder, we have partnered with several ATS such as SmartRecruiters, Workable or Greenhouse to facilitate your processes. Our integrations to these platforms will allow you to be even more efficient to recruit the best talents all over the world.

Whether your company already uses an ATS or it is considering using one, the YB team is here to help you integrate it smoothly with our platform. Log in (or sign up) now to get started!

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