There you go, the YBorder success stories series continues! Mathieu was one of the first candidates hired through our platform. This French front-end developer was recruited by one of our Canadian partners. We are proud to have succeeded in helping him find the perfect job. We organized a short interview to get his feedback on our recruitment platform.

Mathieu, what’s your overall feedback on YBorder?

Honestly, excellent. I’m not at ease when it comes to selling myself and highlighting my skills. But with the help of YBorder, I was able to properly show off my experience and skills. In addition to that, thanks to the team I have been able to define more precisely what I wanted for my future. Thanks to that I have found a position consistent with what I was looking for.

You found a job in Canada. Why were you looking for an experience abroad?

I was looking for a different experience and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone in order to grow up both professionally and personally.

What is YBorder’s added value?

To me, there are two reasons that make YBorder unique: the professional support brought by the YB team and the quality of the job offers. From the moment I put my resume on YBorder to the negotiation of my contract, someone at YBorder was supporting and helping me with the processes. Moreover, being offered quality job opportunities allowed me to refine my job search and always get interesting leads.

Mathieu's success story

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