A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Hugo, a headhunter from one of our French recruitment firm partners, Mobiskill. The following conversation will allow you to get a glimpse of how headhunters use our platform and how their work can benefit both tech talents and companies. Let’s get started!

Hello Hugo, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Can you quickly introduce yourself?

Sure, no problem. I’m Hugo, and I’m a headhunter at Mobiskill, specialized in C and C++ languages.

How did you get to know YBorder?

Mobiskill is working closely with YBorder to optimize its chances to find a job for every candidate. It became part of my daily job to use the platform.

Have you placed a candidate thanks to YBorder yet?

Yes, Mobiskill is used to place candidates with the help of YBorder and I find this partnership very conclusive. My first recruitment through the platform was a success. The recruitment was made within a couple of weeks despite having to handle some administrative procedures. I also had several candidates on YBorder that went quite far in their recruitment processes.

Do you select the candidates you put on YBorder?

At the beginning I was only putting candidates on YBorder which I had difficulties finding a matching job with my current clients. YBorder offered them more chances to find a job. But now I offer all my candidates to sign up on YBorder, whether they are looking for a job abroad or in France. It is a way for them to increase their chances to find a job position that suits them perfectly, with no geographical borders.

I also make sure to correctly fill out their profiles on YBorder and to write a precise qualification for companies to read. This way my candidates are not discouraged to make their resumes stand out, and companies are satisfied by the quality of the profiles pushed to them.

How often do you use the platform?

As I have a lot of candidates in process, I go on YBorder on average twice a day. Every time I receive an email from YBorder, I also visit the platform to check my candidates’ processes.

Are you satisfied by the number of companies on the platform?

The quantity and quality of companies on YBorder is interesting. Javascript, PHP and mobile developers as well as data scientists are the most searched profiles on the platform. However as I work in a particular domain I think there are less open positions for C/C++ developers than for web technologies. It would be nice to get more job opportunities for this technology!

Are your candidates satisfied by YBorder?

Generally candidates are interested by YBorder as it’s an additional way for them to find the perfect job, within a wider geographical area since YBorder is international.

I have overall positive feedback from my candidates concerning their use of the platform to engage with companies. Even though all processes do not come to a successful conclusion, my candidates are happy to find a place where they can get in touch with top tech companies across the world.

How do you manage all your recruitment processes on YBorder ?

Email alerts make follow-up easier, as well as the messaging system on YBorder. This system is practical to see how the conversation goes with my candidates and companies interested in them. It’s useful to understand why a process has ended or paused for example. If candidates are slow in responding to a company, I make sure they follow up. A smooth conversation maximizes their chances to get the job they want.

In your opinion, what’s YBorder’s added value?

YBorder allows me to increase my chances to place a candidate alongside open positions I have with my clients. Also, offering to use YBorder to my candidates shows them that I’m willing to use every mean I have to find them a job. I think this brings a positive image to my job and my company. If candidates are satisfied, they’ll think about me next time they need to find a job.

Did you enjoy this interview? Learn more about our recruitment partners across Europe. And don’t forget to sign up on YBorder!

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