How to attract tech talents? That’s a question recruiters ask themselves these days. And it seems to be a recurring one due to two things:

First, due to the tech talent shortage the market is facing today.

Second, because not all recruiters are IT experts and know what aspects of a tech position to highlight.

How to overcome these difficulties? Well, you need to meet developers’ expectations. We’ll help you do that with the following talking points:

1) Expectations on the job position

Every candidate is looking for a precise job description when applying for a job. This is even more important for developers as it will give them a clue of what technologies and languages are used for example. You might not be a tech professional, but there are some basic terms and phrases that you need to know and use when writing a tech job description on your own. If possible, ask the tech team to help you. The more details you’ll give, the better.

Programmers are attracted by jobs where they can use interesting and challenging technologies. As a recruiter you need to know to what extent the technologies your tech team uses are attractive.

Moreover, a lot of developers are partly self-taught and are constantly looking to learn new languages. Being open to changes in technologies is a good thing for your company as it shows that you are ready to hear developers’ suggestions to make your company perform better.

2) Team spirit and projects

Developers are constantly hunted by companies, even when they are on a job. And a majority of them are regularly open to new opportunities. That is why you need to make sure your company’s projects are challenging enough for the type of talent you’re aiming to attract.

During the interview process, candidates will need to know how the team works, what methodology they use, and so on. And don’t be wrong. Developers are not just people that spend their day and night in front of a computer, not talking. They often highly value the fact to be able to meet their future team before making their decision. If the new recrue doesn’t get along with the rest of the team, it will be difficult to perform good work.

3) Company’s culture

Well that third point is not only for tech talents, every candidate is looking for a company that meets their values. Then why is it even more important for developers?

Because they are rare gems that might not be available for too long! When it comes to job offers, they have an abundance of choices before them. A good employer branding is then necessary to stand out in the crowd and attract the best developers. Do not hesitate to showcase your company’s values and how they are applied in the workforce on a daily basis.

One last thing about the company. If you’re looking to attract top talents, your company needs to keep up to date with trends of the industry and be as innovative as possible. No one wants to work for an outdated company, and surely not developers!

4) Benefits and work environment

Apart from higher wages, many companies today offer benefits and other advantages. These bonus aspects of the job will truly make the difference. Indeed according to the 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, developers assess potential jobs through the compensation and benefits offered which scored 4.09 on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is “very important”. The office environment scored 4.01. But what specifically are those benefits?

There are many of them, and their attractiveness can differ from a person to another. But here are a couple of advantages that are usually valued:

  • fresh fruits and snacks, for free
  • time for personal projects during office hours
  • regular telecommuting

Now that you know more about what aspects of a job position developers value, it’s time to review your job descriptions and interview processes (if necessary) and start hiring!

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