French developer moves to New York

Vanessa is a talented French developer freshly hired as a CTO at an amazing company based in New York City. She was looking for a work experience outside France and Europe. YBorder was the key to helping her find her dream job.

How did you hear about YBorder?

I was approached by a French headhunter who then invited me on YBorder once I told her I was looking for a job abroad. I was interested in going to New York but also Japan, Asia and Australia.

What’s your feedback on the platform?

I really enjoyed using it! I was constantly approached by recruiters on Linkedin, especially from French companies. With YBorder, I was able to filter job offers from France as I was only looking for a job overseas. I found the platform well thought out and easy to use, as well as very effective. It didn’t take me long to find a job.

What’s YBorder’s added value?

The international side of the platform, very useful when looking for international opportunities. And also the friendliness and support of the YB team throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

Vanessa's success story

If like Vanessa you are looking for your dream job, sign-up on YBorder. More than 800 companies around the world are looking for talented people like you.

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