How to turn developers into brand ambassadors, and why it is important

How to turn developers into brand ambassadors

Employer branding is a trending topic these days. It has become more and more important over the years as employee retention is becoming more challenging. The increasing need for flexible careers is one reason for this. And it is even more true for technical employees that are constantly offered new competitive job opportunities. Companies therefore need to find a way to attract the best tech talents, and to retain them. Employer branding is at the center of this challenge and developers are one solution to it. Here are some ideas on how to involve your developers in your employer branding. And why it is important to do so.


Dos and don’ts of assessing technical skills

Dos and don'ts of assessing technical skills

Hiring highly-qualified tech talents can be difficult given today’s market shortage for these candidates. Correctly assessing technical skills is essential to recruit the best candidates for your company. Mastering this part of the hiring process is therefore essential to appeal to developers. Here are a couple of dos and don’ts to keep in mind when recruiting techies.


Workforce diversity builds successful companies

Workforce diversity builds successful companies

In a world where everyone is digitally connected, interactions between people from different areas of the globe have become a norm. Globalization made it common working in an international mindset, but it seems difficult to connect this with workforce diversity. Diversity within the workplace is a matter of gender, race and ethnicity but also of educational and cultural background.


Why recruiters are still relevant in the Digital Age

Things have changed for recruiters: the access to information on candidates and candidates themselves are now available to employers. Employers can directly fish for candidates online through Linkedin, Google, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other commercial platforms.

So why would you need a recruiter anymore? Taking into account the fact that YBorder thrives thanks to its network of professional tech headhunters, we offer you today 5 reasons why recruiters are still relevant and what makes a great recruiter in the digital age. (more…)

Five myths about coding

Sometimes, I get upset at all the hype that tech receives and the misinformation that gets created around it. One that really bothers me is the current trend to get everyone to become a coder as if it was a necessary skill for the world of tomorrow  – and anyone who would think otherwise is wrong.

So here are 5 commons statements, blasted over social media channels and mass media, that we need to critically assess and get rid of our social media channels. (more…)

How to overcome your tech recruitment problems in the US

In recent years it has become evident that the misbalance between open tech positions and available qualified software developers in the USA is not a myth but an uncomfortable reality: According to research conducted with 760 employers across the United States and Canada, 83 percent of all companies reported a shortage of software development professionals, due mostly to the lack of qualified local talent. The numbers for 2020 are even more alarming: IDC research suggests that in 2020, 6 million IT jobs will be available in the US but only 3 million qualified candidates. But how to solve this issue?