The most popular technologies used by developers in 2017

The most popular technologies used by developers in 2017

Every year, Stack Overflow releases its annual developer survey. They ask the community of developers and engineers about their coding habits, technology preferences, and employment status. This survey is interesting for anyone wanting to learn more about developers across the world as well as the tech industry. This is also the opportunity for us at YBorder to learn more about technology trends, and compare them with data from our recruitment platform. We chose to point out for you the top technologies used by developers and searched by companies when hiring new talents.


Five myths about coding

Sometimes, I get upset at all the hype that tech receives and the misinformation that gets created around it. One that really bothers me is the current trend to get everyone to become a coder as if it was a necessary skill for the world of tomorrow  – and anyone who would think otherwise is wrong.

So here are 5 commons statements, blasted over social media channels and mass media, that we need to critically assess and get rid of our social media channels. (more…)