Why recruiters are still relevant in the Digital Age

Things have changed for recruiters: the access to information on candidates and candidates themselves are now available to employers. Employers can directly fish for candidates online through Linkedin, Google, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other commercial platforms.

So why would you need a recruiter anymore? Taking into account the fact that YBorder thrives thanks to its network of professional tech headhunters, we offer you today 5 reasons why recruiters are still relevant and what makes a great recruiter in the digital age. (more…)

How a network of 1,500 tech scouts disrupts the Italian tech market

Are you a developer who has already been through these awkward interviews with recruiters who hardly knew anything about what you actually do making the interview look more like a private class for the recruiter? Do you know recruiters who barely understand the difference between front and back-end? And who don’t talk in acronyms? Daniele and Alessandro from Hivejobs developed a recruitment concept that tackles exactly this — but in a very usual way. And because of this we were happy to include them in the YBorder network.